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Basic Food
Handler Training

eFoodHandlers Basic Food Safety Course is the core training module for food servers, handlers and preparers. It teaches them key principles to keep food and customers safe.

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Food Manager

Regarding Food Safety training in the workplace, there are two distinct classes of worker. The Basic Food worker and the Manager (also known as the Person In Charge).

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eFoodhandlers offers a variety of additional services for business. Take advantage of our bulk discounts and you can simplify your employee training today.

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Schools &

eFoodHandlers' mission is to promote food safety through education. Schools and educators who teach food safety to students are partners in this important effort.

About Us

Your national, ANSI-accredited food safety training provider comprises a family of websites dedicated to expanding food handlers's access to food safety education and information throughout the United States. These websites, referred to collectively as the eFoodhandlers Network, all offer affordable, FDA-based training to food handlers, workers, students, volunteers and the economically challenged.

Please be aware that Network members may or may not be owned by eFoodhandlers Inc. Always refer to that website for specific ownership information, including policy, training instructions, price, and methods for support.

eFoodhandlers' ANSI accredited Basic Food Safety Course is available in most states.

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